Helping Our Troops
Stoneham, Massachusetts  U.S.A.

Wish List/Volunteer




DRINKS:  Dunkin Donuts Coffee any flavor (most requested item!)
Tea bags, Cider mix, Individual Crystal Light, Hot Chocolate, Presweetened Kool Aid.

SNACKS:  Anything Little Debbie, Beef Jerky,Beef Sausage Logs (Hickory Farms), Chewing Gum Lifesavers, Pretzels (small package only so they can fit in our boxes), Pumpkin Seeds Sardines, Tuna, Salmon, Dry Fruit, Nuts all kinds,Small canned fruit, plastic cups break during shipping.

EVERYDAY ITEMS:  Room Fresheners, Hand Sanitizers, Wet-naps, Band Aids, Odor Eaters, Mouthwash (small plastic, Hand & Foot Warmers, Mini Kleenex packs.

HEALTH AIDS:  Tylenol, Motrin, Aspirin, Rolaids, Pepto Bismol, Tums, Imodium AD, Cortisone Cream, Neosporin,Small First Aid Kits

FUN ITEMS: Playing Cards, Dice, Dominos, Poker Games, Chess Sets, Balls: Baseballs, Soccer Basketballs, Tennis, Footballs, Softballs

PLEASE NOTE:  Standard or travel size goods are the best to purchase since they are easily transporte
d.  Travel size can be carried with a soldier during missions.  Large bulk items are difficult to ship and fit
into our boxes.

 Helping Our Troops welcomes Volunteers to assist with one of many tasks involved with this program.  

ITEM PICK-UPS:  Picking-up items from drop box locations within our community and transporting to our packing location in Stoneham on an as needed basis.   Local supermarkets, schools and churches who collect goods for our troops are the typical pick-ups needed.

INSPECTION & SORTING OF ITEMS:  As donated items come in, they must be inspected and sorted into different categories.  Items must be appropriate for sending – no opened food packages, checking for expiration and sorting into separate categories.  

BAGGING:  Liquid items that we receive such as shampoo, conditioner, apple sauces, jello are all placed into zip lock bags.   This protects the contents of the packages against leakage, should any part of the package get crushed during shipment.  

PACKING BOXES:  Once items are sorted and bagged, they are placed into boxes.  Boxes need to be assembled, packed tightly, closed, taped/sealed and stacked for shipping to their appropriate destination.  

CUSTOMS FORMS:  The final step is to tape a completed "Customs Form" to the top of each box which contains the necessary information for the care package trek overseas. This includes the soldiers name, destination and package content and the Helping Our Troops information.

TRANSPORTATION:  We are in need of local residents who have a pick-up truck, van or SUV and are willing to help haul care packages to the local post office each month.  This also requires some heavy lifting and bending, as packages weigh between 8 to 20 pounds.   



   Over 700 cases of Girl Scout Cookies were donated to Helping Our 
   Troops from Hanscom Air Force Base for the units we support. 

   In this photo our volunteers transport cookies to our homebase in                Stoneham, MA.

   Thank you for your continued support!!!  God bless the U.S.A.!!!

 Helping Our Troops
P.O. Box 80187
Stoneham, Massachusetts  02180




                H.O.T. CONTACT INFORMATION

If you are interested in supporting our troops and would like to volunteer, donate or help out in some way please contact Frank Geary at  781.507.5600 or email us at:


Thank you for supporting our troops! 



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